This is for anyone who has the sensation that there is more to be had from life.

It's not just a book - it's a companion to the journey of life.

The book you hold in your hands is an invitation to your future. Our future begins in the present by reflecting on the past. Possibility In Action© by Robert Pardi is like being seated next to the perfect dinner companion. He instantly makes you feel welcomed, relaxed, and joyfully inspired by his heart-felt personal stories. After only a few minutes you are captivated to keep reading and lean in to feeling you have all the time in the world. You begin to experience a stir within yourself how your life stories have a deeper truth to reveal about the future. The only way to create your future is to ask questions. Pardi says, “As we age, we stop asking questions and make assumptions.” The most important question is what is the future of you? That question must not be assumed in order to live with peace.

Possibility In Action© is not magic but the effects are magical with the interior clarity that leads to action. That clarity begins by turning the cover over to be curious about you. No matter our lived experiences, successes, grief, mistakes or hurts there is infinite possibility for the future. Why limit yourself?

This is what it means to evolve – to be open and keep moving forward. As the Italians say, “Avanti!”

Pardi’s brilliantly curated 52-weeks of Mental Musings are the catalyst for your curiosity with each journaling prompt. It does not matter if journaling is a new practice, a consistent habit or you have a journal that has never been opened after it was given to you as a gift. This is the moment to let what is seeking to come forth from the fears, hopes and dreams within guide you to take action from a place of possibility. There is a reason you have experienced what has taken place in your life.

Accept the invitation to allow Possibility In Action to create a future beyond your wildest dreams. - Brian G. Bachand, Founder of evolution evolution

“When I take control of the pen, I get to write the ending,” – Robert Pardi

What is Possibility in Action

The Hero's Journey provides a conceptual life map that guides individuals in understanding that significant personal growth and transformation are part of life. The arc of the journey involves confronting challenges, learning lessons, winning victories, and returning transformed as a symbol of what is possible.

If we strip it down to its essence, Possibility in Action™ is the code with which a hero’s journey is written. It is understanding that life is to be lived in the here and now. There is no waiting. There is no right moment. There is only action – NOW. Not one philosopher said, "just read all these books." They said, "take what resonates with you and put it into action."

At its core, Possibility in Action™ is taking desire for positive transformation and putting it into action.

Feeling trapped as the child of an alcoholic father, I spent much of my time fantasizing about escaping to an alternative universe where my childhood would have resembled that of the Brady Bunch. I sketched the same doodle, now my logo, hundreds of times representing a childish theory of where an alternative universe existed – on the other side of some magical starburst. This fueled a belief that I could get there and reach impossible dreams. I did, have and continue to reach impossible dreams - and I truly believe you can as well. It just takes work to cross the starburst.

Why This Book

I had always thought how nice it would have been if someone I admired handed me a handbook with all the essential topics on how to live a great life. Better, it would have been amazing if it was in a “how-to” format. Then, as I journeyed along, I realized such a book would not only be impossible, but not even useful because what worked for others would not work for me. In truth, there can be no one set of instructions that will work for every single one of us, because we are each unique. What is needed is to learn – or better – remember who we are, and that means bringing awareness to how we think.

I was blessed to be stretched by people that did not teach me but, instead, got me to look at things differently and that changed everything. My wife’s oncologist was one of the many that stretched me out of my habitual thinking. As my self-awareness grew, my personal power also grew. I was able to choose how I responded to life. I was able to get out of my own way. In no time, I became the craftsman of my life, and started living life intentionally.

I was compelled to write this book to share moments of reflection I’ve experienced. I call them musings. Pondering concepts similar to these led me to those wonderful Ah-ha moments that helped wake me up to living my life authentically. I realized curiosity is the key to transformation.

It all starts with understanding yourself and how you think. In other words, it starts with awareness and perspective because you and only you can change your life. Only you can change how you think, how you feel, and how you live.

The future will happen with or without your input, be active, be conscious, take action, and make it happen for you!

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“It is only when we value the ordinary moments that we live an extraordinary life” –

Robert Pardi


I dedicate this to anyone who has the sensation that there is more to be had from life.

Do you may have a feeling that there is something more out there? Maybe you have been thinking, “Is this all there is to life?” Perchance you are saying to yourself that life should not be so hard. Might it be that you just have been feeling a nudge to look at things a different way or live differently? Perhaps you sense being in a gap between what is and what could be? Could it be that you are looking for a simpler life? Does it possibly have something to do with finding purpose? Do you feel aimless, uninspired, or overstimulated? Are you searching for work-life balance? Spoiler alert, balance does not exist, but harmony does. Does any of this resonate with you?

Robert Pardi

Robert Pardi is the Author of Chasing Life and A Pimby Tale, a well-known compelling International Keynote Speaker, Transformational Life Coach, and Adjunct Professor.

After his young wife passed away from metastatic breast cancer, Robert reimagined his life and decided to leave the world of finance in order to share the many lessons he learned throughout his life's journey.

Robert has an MBA in finance from Columbia University. Prior to his dramatic life change, Robert was a Senior Portfolio Manager for the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Co-Founder and C.O.O. of Evolvence Capital, and mentor to many young business executives. He has lived in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Rome, and now splits his time between his native New York and Abruzzo, Italy.

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“Intentionally and consciously craft your life – don’t ever give that power away.” – Robert Pardi

Created by Robert Pardi 2022